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06 September 2010

workshop "How to select target customer"

how to select target customer

To know some framework tools
To know how to analyse things by framework

1. Introduction + Warm up activity
2. The importance of targeting customer and place
3. What is "framework"
4. Group Work: select target customer by framework tools

:High or Low question
*Give participants 3 questions about number
*Participants guess the price are "higher" or "lower" than I said
*3 the highest answers are in a group

1. Non alcohol beer:
  on Aug. 3rd, 2010, Santory started to sell a non alcohol beer "All free"
  but one week later, they stopped selling the beer. because 300,000 cases of the beer were sold in a week.
 => Answer: Lower (200,000 cases)
2. i-Pad:
   In US, more than 2 million i-pad were sold in 2 month. it means one i-pad was sold every 3 seconds.
   =>Answer: Lower (every 2 seconds)
3. CR-Z
   it's debut on Feb., 26th, 2010. 8000 CR-Z were sold adn it's a smash hit.
   the cost is about 1,500,000 yen.
   => Answer: Higher (about 2,300,000 yen)

■2. The importance of targeting customer and place
=>It's easy to make more profit when we approach target customr and if we don't decide target it, we cannot sell our product a lot
It's sold 8000 within 3 weeks. it's amazing speed because it's expansive; the cost is more than 2 million yen
One of the reason is Honda selected the target customer....20's and 30's single.
they promoted CR-Z through Mixi (the biggest social network service in Japan) that their target people use.
so CR-Z were sold a lot.
if they selected inappropriate target customer, they wouldn't sell well.

*let participants understand the importance of selecting target customer

■3. What is "framework"
=>It's from logical thinking
=>It's useful to understand things visually
=>There are a lot of framework tools

*Introduce 3 major framework
1) Logic tree
   => ex. Categorize cars
2) Matrix 
   =>  ex. CR-Z relativizsation 
3) Process 
  => ex. process of selecting target of CR-Z

■4. Group Work: select target customer by framework tools
: select target customer of a miner maker products
1) Explain the products and the maker
2) Decide facilitator, secretary and presenter
4) Group work: 10 mins
   =>a)List up categories
   => b) Chose 2-3 categories
   => c) Make logic tree each category
5) Presentation

1) List up TO DO things
2) Make matrix table (horizontal contents: frequency, Vertical contents: need preparation)
3) Grouping TO DO things
4) break down schedule

02 September 2010

proverb=give a fish or teach how to fish=

If you give a man a fish, he can eat it today


if you teach him to fish, he can eat fish everyday.