31 August 2010

work shop #4

Topic:How  to control our products quality to improve the quality

Objective:To know how to make Quality Control Books


1. Introduction + Warm up activity
2. What is "improving quality"
3. How to control quality by quality control books
4. Group Work: make quality control books

■2. What is "improving quality"

To produce better, safer and more tasty products

to increase CS(Customer Satisfaction)
to make more profit

■3. How to control quality by quality control books
=>to manage the quality in order to figure out the current products quality
*there are several methods of quality control
*One basic method is keeping Quality Control Books

=>kind of bookkeeping
=>keep them to know the current products quality
=> It's useful to make the quality same and to check whether the quality is increased or not

■4. Group Work: make quality control books
1. Decide facilitator, presenter and secretary
2. List up the contents of quality control book (7 mins)
3. Presentation (5mins)

Team A: Mango jam
Team B: Banana jam

*Each ingredients' amount
*Comments about the taste
*Workers' name
*Keeper's signature
(If it's possible)
*Feedback from the customers
*sugar concentration
*salt level


15 August 2010


And you realize what is important to the person you are the moment

And you begin to hear your inner voice

And silence is born
from the silence something wells up inside you
-love, maybe

And you understand that what life itself seeks is something different from what we're busy seeking

Taking over

My former JOCV member came to our training center in Fukushima this week.

We talked about my host community (Bantayan town) and the Philippines.
Especially, she advised me my host community is in island and they have unique culture...
it is different from other area.
so learning the local language is really important to succeed my work there.

↑with my former JOCV member

the Local language is "Bantayanon".
it's mixed Cebuano with Ilonggo.....
humm..... I don't know even Tagalog...
I try my best.

10 August 2010

work shop #3

JOCV member who study English have to do Workshops every week.
The workshops should be related to our assignment.

Today I did a workshop about food sanitation. 

How to manage food sanitation

To know basic personal hygiene

1. Introduction
2. the definition of food sanitation
3. Warm up activity
4.Group work: quiz about personal hygiene (10 mins)

↑During group acitivity

Today's workshop was quit easy for other JOCV member 
because I focused on Basic food sanitation: personal hygiene. 
Anyway, I can do same workshop in my host community so  
it's useful for me.

I have left 2 work shops about improving quality of our products 
and Marketing-how to decide the target.

03 August 2010

JICA training in Fukushima in July




The JICA training started from July 7th.
I'm used to this environment recently.

People who go to the Philippines study English here and
do presentations or workshops every week.

yesterday I finished doing my 2nd workshop and I would like to be relax......
BUT we have mid term exam this Friday so I have to study hard......